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Power Flushing of Heating Systems

Over time heating systems may experience build-ups or blockages which can then cause cold radiators, cold spots on radiators even after bleeding, poor hot water flow and increased noise in the pipes and boiler.

Power Flushing of Heating Systems
Cleaning & Maintaining your central heating system

By choosing to have your heating system power flushed we will connect a power flushing unit to the system which sends water and cleaning solution at a high velocity through the system to dislodge and remove debris, lime scale, and sludge build-up. The water and the solution will pass through the pipes, radiators, coils and the heat exchanger, areas where scale and corrosion can collect.

Benefits of keeping your heating system clean:

More even heat distribution throughout the property

Improved overall energy savings

Lower household bills

Increased system reliability

Extended lifespan of the boiler and system